Friday, February 4, 2011

Fearless of Heights

Cingino Dam, Italy, Buffalo Bill, Wyoming, USA, Bighorn Sheep, Alpine Ibex

Following are the snaps of Cingino Dam of Italy. If you look carefully, there are some blobs on the dam. Now if you zoom in, then you will see these are some plucky goats on the dam - denying any fear of fall. They climb up to steep 160 ft fearless of fall.

What they are doing is licking the salty wall of the dam. It might seem nonsense to climb like this just for licking salts. But may be for this species, this is not a matter at all.

These are mountain goats named Alpine Ibex, which are by born fear-free of heights as they live on mountains and possibly everyday climbs up and down. They are habituated climbing up and down up to 4 km and this 160 ft dam might just be a cakewalk. I wonder how nicely they master the art of climbing without help of any strings or anything - they just use the edges of the dam to climb up and down. Physically, they are strong and big (100 kg) and have beautiful curved horns.

Some claim that the dam is the Buffalo Bill of Wyoming, USA and the animals are Bighorn Sheep. But that is not true. Buffalo Bill dam does not look like that and also Bighorn sheep does not look like this. Following is a side by side image of Cingino Dam (left) and Buffalo Bill Dam (right).

You can google with "Chingino Dam" and you will find these pictures. Along with it, don't forget to try to be fearless. If there is no risk, then there is no gain...

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