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Favorite Books 8

Book Review The Amphibian Man Chelovek-Amphibia Alexander Belyaev Ichtiandr The Manual of the Warrior Paulo Coelho The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Samuel Langhorne Clemens Mark Twain Tuamotu
Book: The Amphibian Man (Original Russian Title Transliteration 'Chelovek-Amphibia')
Author: Alexander Belyaev (Russian, 1884-1942)

Original Language: Russian
Year: 1928
Category: Science Fiction

Summary: On the outset of Argentina, the maverick and witty doctor Salvador makes various experiments with living creatures. One of his creations is the amphibian man Ichtiandr. But the locals call him a 'Sea Demon'. A greedy Pedro Jurita wanted to use the demon to collect pearls and tries to capture him. Ichtiandr is incapable to live outside water for a long time. He falls in love with Guttiara. Ups and downs started occurring in his life. Eventually Dr. Salvador was summoned by court for his experiments. The local Arch Bishop Garcilaso wants to kill Ichtiandr. Finally with the jailer's help he could escape to Tuamotu islands abandoning his love.

Comment: This is an unorthodox sci-fi where the author outspreads his imagination to the possibility of an amphibian human race. The reasons he put to the transformation are on legitimate ground that people can opt for successful organic transformations that will assist their survival in worse conditions. For example people need intestinal appendix operation to survive an appendicitis. The amphibian species can solve the food problem of present world and unleash the beauty of underwater to their mind. The author supports Darwin's evolutionary theory and shouts against religious fundamentalists' view that a race cannot be changed. The ending of the story is heart-breaking, but the author stuck to reality rather than emotions. (Off-topic: Google with 'Tuamotu' and see the beauty of nature.)

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Book: The Manual of the Warrior of Light
Author: Paulo Coelho (Brazilian, 1947-)

Original Language: Portuguese
Year: 1997
Category: Philosophy, inspirational

Summary: The boy embarked on the quest to hear the ringing bells of a drowned temple. He lost interest in his studies and friends and tried on and on to hear the ringing bell. Eventually he understood that his endeavor was not in vain at all as he learnt to respect nature. When he came back to reality and decided to go back to his normal life, and deviated his attention to listening to seagulls and the waves rather than the bells, he was able to hear the ringing of the bells. Then the perplexing woman influenced him to write down the manual of the warrior of light.

Comment: These are the philosophical teachings of Paulo Coelho. Very much inspiring. A very short book. Worth of reading as everybody is a warrior, a warrior of light...

Book: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Author: Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain) (American, 1835-1910)

Original Language: English
Year: 1876
Category: Adventure, Child

Summary: Tom Sawyer is a young laddie who is always running into mischief. Always dreaming of adventure, playing with beetles, making friend with vagabond Huck Finn, fleeing to an island to play pirates - these are all things he does. He became infatuated with Becky Thatcher. Accidentally Tom and Huck become the witness of a murder when they went to the cemetery in the dark night. Tom later confesses the truth to save Muff to whom the killer Joe diverted shrewdly the offense of the murder. Tom and Becky were lost in a cave while enjoying a picnic. They discovered Joe inside the cave with a treasure. They sneaked out and later found the way out of the cave and Joe died of starvation. Finally their adventures were appreciated by everyone and Widow Doglas took the responsibility to take care of vagabond Huck.

Comment: My favorite childhood adventure. The book directly flies one back to the childhood where s/he becomes an adventurer with Tom Sawyer. Wonderful creation of Mark Twain.

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Let us buy paper books. Let's enrich our mind and home library.

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