Thursday, October 4, 2012

Naomba - The Kenyan Beat

Naomba, Krystin Ndela, Kenyan Music, Swahili, Uniwezeshe Bwana, African Beat
Thought of sharing some cultural divesity.

'Naomba' is a popular Kenyan pop song. Artist is Krystin Ndela. It's an easy-going dance beat. The song is kind of hymn or hallelujah.

Thanks to my Kenyan friend Moses. However, the language is Swahili and I didn't find a full translation of the song in the web. If I receive any feedback from Moses, I will get back you. I only found the following lines in the web.

Naomba uniwezeshe Bwana. (I pray that You enable me Lord)
unisaidie. (I Pray that You help me)
Naomba uwezo wako Bwana. (I pray for your ability Lord)
Naomba, mimi Naomba. ( I pray, I am praying)

Let's learn some Swahili. From the tranlsation above (I took help of google translator at:, blended with my own understanding):

Naomba = I pray.
Na = I.
Kuomba = pray.
Uni = you.
Saidie = Help.
Bwana = Lord (God/Master).
Mimi = I.
Uwezo = Capacity/Ability.
Jaribu = Try.
Majaribu = Trial.
Kuwawezesha = Enable.
Wewe = You.
Wako = Are (as in, 'you are genius') - I pray that you are able, Lord.

You can search in YouTube for the video (search for 'Krystin Ndela Naomba'). 720p version (78 MB) is available there, however the 320p version is also there (23 MB).

Dropbox link of the mp3 (3.32 MB): Naomba

Enjoy the African beat :)

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