Monday, September 10, 2012

Che Guevara and John Lennon

Che Guevara, John Lennon, Photo Fake, Wayne Gabriel
Power of Photo faking - Watch out the following fake (which is revolving around Facebook pages in recent times):

The real one is the following one where Lennon is practicing with Wayne Gabriel, who had been a contemporary guitarist then:

So think twice before trusting any pic. Try to use common sense. Beatles released their first album in 1963. There is no way Che would be playing guitar with Lennon in the next 4 years (Che died in 1967) when he was fighting in Havana and Bolivia. Also in 1963, Lennon was merely 23, in 1967 he was 27. But this is way ahead for a 27 years old Lennon - this may be his 35 years or over. Following is the young John Lennon when The Beatles just released their first album in 1963. Beside is a picture of Lennon in 1976. Which one is a closer match to the above snap (and the fake)?

John Lennon in1963
John Lennon in 1976

I myself was fooled at first. Later tried to think about it and was getting strong against the fake. Then did some research and found out this.

Enough to make one a jackass ;)


  1. I saw the fake one in facebook and without any thinking understood that it is fake. Che was not a person with guiter.....He was a person with AK47 :) - Faizur

  2. Right Mithu Bhai,

    But the fake was brilliant anyway :), combining the two Marxists in one frame. People will seldom think twice.

  3. ...yeah but che's AK47 was music & lennon's fender ratta-ta-ta-ta-ta......

  4. Right kingkong, a music for freedom...

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  6. ...& both were assassined...looks like freedom is not very cherrished by some...

  7. You need to be smart face may well deceive even the most knowledgeable.

  8. Thanks for this, I just used it to set someone straight else-web.