Tuesday, January 1, 2013

After-Death Body Donation

I have just come up with a question - what do you think of donating body after death for the betterment of mankind? What are the religious views in donating body after death?

Most of the time I find people misuse and misinterpret religions. It is us who use religions for self-interests and spoil it often. At the same time it is us who can glorify religions with our rationale thoughts. But it hurts me that whenever we meet someone the first question that arises in mind is which religion s/he belongs to rather than hitting the simple idea that, s/he is a human being.
From my understanding from people I met, donating body after death is forbidden in Islam. But I found many religious links in the web that glorifies the donation of eyes. Now again others will start saying that those sites are steered by Jews/non-Islamists blah blah and will turn the discussion down totally rather than going through a rationale revelation.
I don't know the views from other religions.Apart from all religious views, one single question is not answered, not felt:

What will you do if you have an accident, lost your eyes and you need replacement of cornea from someone's donated eyes. What will you do if you need a kidney and you need to rely on someone who donated already. 

The answer is 'Yes, you will definitely try to pursue for a replacement'. Then why would you disgrace the donor with religious ideology (if it is really like that)?

I wanted to start a friendly discussion with deeply reflected thoughts. I am ignorant in many of my own religious views and a little lazy in performing my own religious obligatories. But to my own understanding I think donating body is a sacred thing to do rather than burning it or burying it.

Just to remind - this is not a religious debate (though it started with the word 'religion'). The mail is about encouraging body-donation and the debate is for betterment of mankind which should be the ultimate focus of all religions and not to fight with each other like fools.

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