Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Parapsychology 1 - The Mad Man at the Bridge!

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This is a narrative from one of my junior friends. His name is Syed Imran Jewel, now resides in Australia. The narrative could have been better told by him in his native language. But since he doesn't blog so I thought I could share the interesting the story. The story is very short and the conclusions are predictable anyway.

It was a bright sunny day, with soothing breeze and tender morning dews on the grasses. Two friends from Bangladesh set on a travel to their relatives in a city in India. They had been invited by those relatives to reach there on that very special day, and they did not know the exact purpose or occasion. On their way they stopped at a bridge near a river. Suddenly their eyes stuck upon a man whose apparent looks told them that he had been out of his mind and probably going through psychological disorder. He was sitting on the bank of the river and was eagerly searching something in the water with a stick.

The two became a little curious, went to him and asked him what he was doing. The man didn't pay heed and kept on searching more inquisitively. They kept on trying to talk to the man. Suddenly out of nothing the man turned to one of them and shouted loudly, "এই তুই এখানে কি করতেছিস? তোর না আজকে বিয়ে?" (translate as "Hey what are you doing here? Isn't that your marriage ceremony is going to be held today? You should be there.").

The two started laughing at this, taking it as a funny remark from a psychologically disordered person. Now suddenly the mad man turned to the other man and said, "এই তুই এতো হাসতেছিস কেন রে? তুই তো বিএ ফেল!" (may be translated as "Why are you laughing so much, dude? You have already failed BA.").

The two laughed at this again, but anyway started their journey again. On reaching the destination, they found that some kind of festival was going on. They entered the house and suddenly all the people cheered them as, "the bridegroom has arrived". The two were amazed and one of them was adorned as the bridegroom and the marriage was completed. This was the one to whom the mad man indicated as the would-be-bridegroom.

I need to shed some light about this old oriental cultural practice. Sometimes such kind of surprise-marriage used to take place in those regions (Bangladesh and India). This was occasional and not any ritual practice in any way. However there is no instance of such surprise-marriages at present.

Now the other one's face became dark like nimbus clouds as he realized what the mad man said had come to reality; there was every possibility that his other remark would be true, too. They went back to home, BA results were published two months later and interestingly this other friend really failed in the BA exam.

As said, this was a narrative from some close contacts. There are reasons to believe in the story as clairvoyance is an established para-psychology. This is a psychological incidence, but has no explanations. Stubborns might still argue that science has an explanation to this. But remember, this is a "para-psychological" phenomenon which, by definition means it doesn't abide by physical scientific laws (or scientific laws don't have a clear explanation to this). Actually it doesn't need to be explained really as it is a magnificient power in itself and doesn't really care for any explanations. Paranormal incidents do occur in the world. Let some of the mysteries of nature remain in itself and amaze us with their magnificence.


  1. Hmmmm.......I still tend to be on the side of the group of stubborn seeking scientific explanation. well got some question for Imran like who were those 2 friend n whether they had ever tried to find out that psycho........

    anyway I need to learn some magic. in our official Xmas dinner which took place in a restaurant with life music and magic to keep us amused was really put me in a state that there is something beyond today's science. The magician left me baffled with some tricks which really cannot be explained with general science. Or at least the level of science we know.

  2. Jahid Bhai, clairvoyance is part of 'Para-Psychology'. By definition Parapsychology means 'phenomena that appears to contradict physical laws and suggest the possibility of causation by mental processes'. So by present time, still there is no scientific explanation. Personally I don't expect any explanation to this, though, because I like the way nature amazes me.

    Party magic is always exciting to keep the party going on. You can try the card magics as well. You can see my other post in this blog (21st Magic) which talks about an interesting magic game. This one also amazes me as I didn't find any explanation to this. From intuition I understood it results from mathematical permutation and combination.